Monday, December 05, 2005

U2 Sold Out

As U2 tickets probably sold out in about 15-20 mins this morning it seems that other shows will [as suspected] be added... but they're a bit slow jumping in. It was a lot of fun hearing from a variety of people this morning and sharing a laugh or the exasperation of what still proves to be "the biggest damn rock band in the world".... if you like that sort of music!!

I am working on a "Raking Over the Trash" pop culture resource edition to coincide with the Tour next year and will finish my young adult targeted Study and Discussion Guide by then!! [yeah sure!!]

Here's hoping my ticketing method worked out OK... I didn't hear about nay problems!!

For those unsure of a second show who missed out... try your local bus tour company... Foggs and Kings in Newcastle are definitely running buses!!

"...Take these hands Teach them what to carry, take these hands don’t make a fist,
Take this mouth, so quick to criticise, take this mouth give it a kiss..." Yahweh U2 HTDAAB

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