Tuesday, June 28, 2022

"TOP GUN Maverick" Spoiler Alert

"The machismo posturing of elite flyboys and the joys of male camaraderie" is how film reviewers Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat highlighted their article on the original 1986 Tony Scott directed film "Top Gun." I was 25 when I saw the film at least twice at the Cinema and half a dozen more times on VHS video at various movie night sleepovers! I was in the process of trying to leave the Steelworks, finish a part time Economics Degree and the incredulous plot, stunts, acting, humour and bravado of this film summed up the spirit of the times. We loved it, in all it's escapist, mysoginistic, jingoism!

It's been a long time coming (including pandemic delay) and I can't possibly see "TOP GUN Maverick" and know how you'd experience it compared to the original. I worked hard to go with no expectations, beyond articles and interviews trumpeting CGI-less authentic flying scenes...

To see this film and fully appreciate it 
means suspending judgement about:
- faceless enemy pilots blacked out masks + 'superior' jets
- The absence of actors Kellie McGillis + Meg Ryan
- suspending belief, rules & wisdom about who lives or dies

But it's cinema, storytelling, make believe and escapism! For that I give this movie 5 Stars! 
The best films have a good story and try not to get in its way, a cast who fit the roles AND they take you on an emotional roller coaster! Miles Teller (who will win an Academy Award one day) is perfectly cast as "Rooster," the son of "Goose" who was killed in a flight accident (hitting his head on the canopy after activating the ejector seat) with 'Maverick' as Pilot in the original film!

To me, it isn't corny, it pays homage to music and the original iconic scenes, even beach volleyball! 
It's still a flyboy film, but with a female and culturally diverse 'Top Guns' returning to train for an impossible mission! Of course I liked "Bob!" The old fashioned picture walls and nostalgia work!

The fact I had tears in my eyes through much of the film puts me right back in 1986 with all it's upheaval, emotion an growing to be done! It meant I was invested in the characters, able to escape any cynicism in the predictable yet surprising film. It was clever and creative. 
I can't stand the length of films today, but this one was over fast, without distraction and I'd see it again in the Cinema! I found it to be incredibly sad, poignant and heartwarmingly funny!
It has to be said, Tom Cruise knows how to pilot these films, just like a obsolete F-14 with a twist (or is that a roll)!

Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw "My dad believed in you. I'm not going to make the same mistake"

Rear Admiral "Thirty-plus years of service. Combat medals. Citations. Only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last 40 years. Yet you can't get a promotion, you won't retire, and despite your best efforts, you refuse to die. You should be at least a two-star Admiral by now, yet here you are. Captain. Why is that?" [pause] Maverick "It's one of life's mysteries, sir"

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Federal Election Forum for Newcastle

   We held a Federal Election Forum at Hamilton Uniting Church 7pm Wednesday 4th May as host to participation in our community, to be in the public square fostering questions and answers so the community could have informed participation in our democratic processes, regardless of being a 'safe' Labor Seat with just over 13% margin in 2019! 
    My role was that of Organiser/Facilitator/Moderator, giving each Candidate 2mins for Introduction, then over the audience for Question each would have opportunity to answer as they chose. I have spent some time processing my observations of the evening, aware it's tricky to unpack and comment, having worked hard to give all equal time! 
    I can report, like two previous Forums in the Seat of Hunter, it is difficult to directly contact Candidates locally beyond the sitting Member, who has a staff, though it can be a week before response, which you haev more confidence in receiving. 

 Candidates via Electoral Commission at close of nominations 
 1. Sharon Claydon ALP replied, attended, participated 
2. Charlotte McCabe GREENS replied, attended, participated 
3. Emily Brollo ANIMAL JUSTICE replied, attended, participated 
4. Garth Pywell INDEPENDENT replied, attended, participated once I found direct contact 
5. Mark Watson PAULINE HANSON’S ONE NATION replied, attended, participated 
6. William Hussey INFORMED MEDICAL OPTIONS PARTY replied late in the afternoon, attended, participated 
 7. Katrina Wark LIBERAL never replied, rang the day after to explain absence - work project deadlines 
8. Amanda Cook UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY never replied 

    I offered an Acknowledgement of Country and a few Opening Remarks, mostly to values set and lay out the process to best allow a constructive conversation, answering the why are we hosting question on the way... 

Tonight, we acknowledge the custodians of the land and waterways, holders of wisdom, story and culture where we gather - the Awabakal and Worimi people. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. Here we value opportunities like the Ngramma Vigil at King Edward Park, to sit and listen to truth telling AND the Gimbay Gatigaan (or Friendly Mud Crab) story sharing at Throsby Creek, Carrington Parklands (even with the rain) here we are aware of our neighbours, Awabakal Medical Services and local Pre School. 

  A Few Remarks to “Set the Scene” Why is Hamilton Uniting Church hosting the Forum? 
We try to engage in our community. It includes Hamilton HIVE Community Hub next door AND “Bill’s Place” Op Shop & Tea Rooms, here -$7 cuppa and cake, five days a week, so we hear people’s stories - hurts and hopes across the community. 

 Flyn (for this story) came here experiencing homelessness, rough sleeping, not asking for money but looking for something of value to contribute, asking only a shower, help getting his clothes washed. Buckets of pebbles to stop weeds in our gardens and trimmed hedges, coffee and cake, Care in a shoebox package of toiletries and food in which we partner in with Hunter Homeless Connect, Wesley Mission and City of Newcastle later Flyn was grateful but we received more than we gave. 

One of our Mob donated a bike for us to sell and use the money for others. It sold for $100 on Marketplace in about 15 mins before Christmas. 5 minutes later Liz messaged, was it still available? She had a bike stolen which meant no rides to the beach with her daughter in the school holidays. We bought another bike with the proceeds to drop off, to their home in Hamilton South public housing 

Stories of the pressures of living with a shared public dimension, which we can’t genuinely meet without collaborators or bringing together organisations or people with resources and the power to change things. 
    Lastly, A working definition of POLITICS is ‘work’ or ethics done in public. It’s what emerges in the interactions between people and is not inherently corrupt, partisan or solely about compromise - those are all choices. 
   On a range of issues from First Peoples Voice, Treaty and Truth – action on climate change – to safety for refugees and people seeking asylum – economic participation for all, the Uniting Church nationally advocates flourishing life for all people and the environment, in a more just Australia. 
   We participate in the public square because as well as the dominance of the economy and shrinking role of government, there is civil society or work done in public, for the common good. 
   Tonight is about respectfully listening, ideas, policy, questions and answers... 
 Questions and Answers Context, not speeches or simply comments 
Invite general or particular Respectful listening Microphone, so everyone can hear you and participate + chairs... 

 I've run three Forums in notional safe Labor Seats and either had no contact and/or no participation by a Coalition Candidate. The Greens have been articulate, clear and know their Policies, with good local connections and participate confidently. 
   Charlotte MCabe was committed to what the science of climate change requires of us in response to global warming, brought journalistic experience to commentary on wider issues and was able to respond to the few more testy interjections from the One Nation and Medical Options Candidates. 
   Emily Brollo had seen Candidates elected from a wholistic philosophy around just agriculture and experimentation, consumption and diet as they relate to the treatment of animals. Her values were clear and consistent and I was greatful she felt the values setting and Introduction created a safe space for dialogue. The one change I would make to the process was to take the mid session break and change the speaking order in part 2. 
   Garth Pywell's key motivation emerged as community engagement and consultation in democracy, town hall meetings on issues and 'change' as a motif vs 'more of the same. 
   Mark Watson is 'having a real crack' for Pauline Hanson's One Nation. A couple of personal interjections went a little too far and enthusiastic supporters do not legitimise a policy stance built on racism, jingoism, and macho nationalistic feelings misplaced as to blame or solutions, Mark's advocacy for small business, mining and miners gives voice to many peoples concerns in a 21st C economy needing to take a/c of CO2 levels. At the same time, in response to questions around 'Uluru Statement from the Heart,' One Woman a week in Australia dying from domestic violence and the flaws in the Family Court System ... a platform, value or outlook of "equality for everyone" fails to address existing inequalities, ignoring them in favour of meaningless statements. 
   Bill Hussey from "informed Medical Options' basically stands against 'no jab, no job' asking questions about the efficacy of the vaccine, profits for big pharma and Inquiries into the whol pandemic response in relation to those who've missed out on support or the creation of one rule for some. As former military and a Solicitor, Bill's answer on the Family Court was a helful response, as was Charlotte's suggestion of an Independent Body who drive the processes. Questions about who did and didn't receive economic support and whether vaccines are delivering what we hoped are valid questions. I couldn't help feel despite this, the driver of involvement around personal freedom above community responsibility carries underpinning values around "fairness" based in selective selfishness. 
But that's just my intuitive response. 
   Sharon Claydon is an active articulate local Labor member who took opportunity to outline key policies, to talk point of difference with others without doing so adversarily and worked with the equal time principle admirably. Target of a couple of unhelpful comments, Sharon stuck to the issues and ideas. On Refugees, Labor are wedged by the issues while light years ahead of LNP in empathy and compassion. On the Climate, likewise, yet not at levels the science asks. 
   This is where Politics is the art of the possible or compromise, revealing a part of the weakenss or our adversarial system. In all I believe a wide range of issues were canvassed and those in attendance had opportunity to hear exactly what each Candidate was offering and although we ran out of time for a final one or two questions we hit 8.33pm so wrapped up, offered thanks and headed into some informal chit chat and headed home!

Friday, November 05, 2021

100 Favourite Films I've Watched

    Inspired by David Stratton's new book, I'm starting to draft my list of '100 Favourite Films I've Watched' and I may update the draft list OR come back at the end!!!

I'll kick it off with (only in order they come to mind so far)

1. Shawshank Redemption

2. Chariots of Fire

3. The Dead Poets Society

4. Midnight Run

5. The Pink Panther

6. Star wars Ep IV A New Hope

7. National Lampoon's Vacation

8. Stripes

9. Diehard

10. The Blues Brothers

Thursday, September 23, 2021

50 Favourite Songs I Like to Listen To

A recent story of a 250 people poll of 'best' songs got me thinking... 

My favourite 50! Not best, favourite... songs I like to listen to: 
(only 50)
  1. The Dead Heart Midnight Oil
  2. Warakurna Midnight Oil
  3. Hercules Midnight Oil
  4. The Sound of White Missy Higgins
  5. Weather With You Crowded House
  6. Where the Streets Have No Name U2
  7. Bad U2
  8. Yesterday The Beatles
  9. From Little Things Big Things Grow Paul Kelly
  10. Leaps and Bounds Paul Kelly
  11. Flame Trees Cold Chisel
  12. Below My Feet Mumford & Sons
  13. The Wood Song Indigo Girls
  14. God Only Know The Beach Boys
  15. These Are Days 10,000 Maniacs
  16. The Long Ride The Audreys
  17. Throw Your Arms Around Me Hunters & Collectors
  18. Viva La Vida Coldplay
  19. Clocks Coldplay
  20. The Thing About Grief Is Claire Bowditch
  21. Rolling in the Deep Adele
  22. Sometimes Alex Lloyd
  23. These Days Powderfinger
  24. Departures Bernard Fanning
  25. The Great Leap Forward Billy Bragg
  26. True Colors* Cyndi Lauper
  27. Lonely Boy The Black Eyed Peas
  28. Don't You Think It's Time Bob Evans
  29. If I Had a Rocket Launcher Bruce Cockburn
  30. I Keep Faith (solo version) Billy Bragg
  31. Candle in the Wind Elton John
  32. Landslide The *Dixie Chicks
  33. Lanterns Birds of Tokyo
  34. Elevator Operator Courtney Barnett
  35. Salt David Bridie
  36. Don't Carry It All The Decemberists
  37. Life for Rent Dido
  38. April Sun in Cuba Dragon
  39. The A Team Ed Sheeran
  40. Shake It Out (acoustic) Florence + the Machine
  41. I Was Born Blind Gurrumul
  42. American Idiot Green Day
  43. Don't Change INXS
  44. Better Than The John Butler Trio
  45. Middle of the Hill Josh Pike
  46. The Captain Kasey Chambers
  47. Born This Way Lady Gaga
  48. Tennis Court Lorde
  49. Touch Steve Balbi
  50. Fifteen Taylor Swift

Monday, November 23, 2020

Rugby Test Los Pumas v Wallabies 21.11.20 Newcastle Part 2 Second Half Attack

 The 2nd Half starts with a territorial kicking duel indicating both coaches half time speech included a call to play 'in their half' because players can retain those words for about 5 minutes! Wallabies attack the short side on a call from Michael Hooper after they earn a penalty advantage BUT the pass to the winger, instead of running hard and straight, is too high and is spilled, though we go back for the penalty and kick for field position and line out throw. As I said, they stand too close together, evidenced by this line out!
The Thrower knows it, trying to seperate them, throws it and we lose the ball off the top of the catch!

Pressing from the penalty we drive deep into Pumas territory and draw a penalty for not releasing the ball in the ruck, after three penalties and warning, that player spends 10 mins in the 'sin bin.'
43.55 gone on the clock, penalty kick 12-6 Wallabies
The Wallabies choose the wrong option 46th min but Sanchez misses the penalty shot

Next passage of play the Wallabies go through their attacking options and the Pumas are rushing up and meeting them, good play all around. The Wallabies go right through their three player set ups, out the back to the number 12 from second phase. They come back left with Hoopers good pass and go through the same pattern again... this time White could have kept going right but coming back left the defence is up on Korebete who is again wider and this time drops the ball... we get it back in next phases but now we are in the grind of the game with 15 on 15 again post sin bin. We closed the line out gap and Argentina drive centre field but knock on a few phases of play on.... subs take the field across the next minutes...
Wallabies go right lacking numbers
Wallabies come back left from White's pass
Ball to Hooper and wider to Korobete
Korobete and a three on two
Wallabies go back right
White to come back left to Hooper again
Korobete too wide and can't hold on

54th Minute Wallabies grab a line out ball, go centre field and put up a high ball with great chase, pinning Argentina on their line, drawing a 'not releasing the ball' ruck penalty. As well as Hodge copping a backhander, Hooper nearly gets his head ripped off at the ruck. Penalty Kick 15-6 Wallabies!
56 mins gone! It's now showing steadier rain and has been for a while!

From here you should go on to win the game...
Kicks back and forward, Wallabies knock on from a speculative pop up by the tackled second rower (second rowers should never pop up a ball to a number 10 in the wet if they haven't called for it.
Penalty Argentina now in a scrum with a sub in the front row and wet ground...
Attacking line out is a 'dockyard brawl' but Wallabies drive the defensive maul and a tall kick puts the Pumas on attack on our line, we gather and drive then clear with box kick but the Pumas step and run into attack but knock on.  Rob Simmons is having a good game, for someone lucky to be an experienced head in a young side, who some would not pick on form (including me)! Scrum penalty Argentina and they take a shot at goal. 15-9 to Wallabies...

A few changes to both teams... Angus Bell who can play is on BUT in my humble opinion Waratahs play harry Johnson Holmes Loose head prop and he is here not Bell. This is going to be a battle in coming years as both have good skills and toughness... Waratahs had HJH swap sides for them and he's good but it does sap more energy and effect your open play and role.

65th minute ten phases going the left and we knock on... 
Play and kicks too and fro and Pumas get a midfield penalty from the replacement winger holding the ball after falling awkwardly isolated in the ruck. Sanchez lands it from halfway 15-12 Wallabies.
Argentina play a ball control and kicking game, we return it but it come back to us. From a kick Koribete is bumped, the Puma knock on but he is then offside, penalty 15-15 10 mins to go. 
Great 60m kick from Banks to clear, linnet not straight but ref misses it, long kick to us and Argentina's defence goes to work, box kick, smashed and we get advantage and scrum! Play goes on and we advantage, kicking deep, back for the penalty. 4 mins to go, Hodge steps up and misses the clutch kick. This will be cited as why we lost, it wasn't... the next 4mins are not controlled well, this would have obviously helped... it remains 15-15 with 2mins to go... 22m drop out.

The drop kick is caught here and Banks returns with a high ball! Look at the space he has... if he runs straight he has forwards to help. If passes left they can get something going down the left and yes maybe risk a good tackle, if he goes right Hodge might get isolated mid field. I would want him to run straight, looking to pass left or be met by defence with the help of those forwards in front of him. There 2mins 10 left. The kick doesn't challenge ( a bit short) Argentina clear with a box kick and Banks gets it again and kicks. 

This deeper and the marks the ball, meaning hands off and he gets to kick it again... he kicks into touch and here Banks takes the quick line out throw.. two isolated players albeit at the wrong end of the field... Hodge kicks it high and Wallabies give good chase but Pumas catch and then ruck it forward. They hold it in to 79mins 30 and box kick, the defender chasing punches the ball out of Hodges hands. Paisami fields it midfield and makes a good run, advantage over for the knock on. Ball goes right quickly, all good, Petaia kicks ahead hard on attack BUT there's only 15secs left...

Here he has two players outside and one defender (who would consider the sideline his friend and cover would cross) but he also has Korobete on his inside shoulder. The ball is grounded in goal and Sanchez goes down for an injured leg (maybe cramp or a knock). The siren sounds! Play is held up but ref gives hurry up... Pumas fake a 22m drop, Sanchez back on his feet, drop out, now we run centre field, ball goes wide right and Pumas grind in defence. Short side right... the ball was stolen from Hannigan (who played strongly_ Pumas kick through and chase as Gordon is forced to take the ball out! game over 15-15...

Thanks for reading, it helps me move on from disappointment to have a second look at these games and work out what we were trying to do and what worked or didn't!

Rugby Test Los Pumas v Wallabies (Arg v Aus) 21.11.20 Hunter Stadium, Newcastle

You'd have to be keen, but if you made it here...
Wallabies Attack 
Part 1 First Half = 3-3 20 mins 6-6 35 mins 9-6 Wallabies at the half time!
1. Our scrum surprisingly dominant to this point
We could/should have yielded more points. 
Though Petaia put a foot on the dead ball line scoring from the grubber kick he did well to reach. 
What might have been with ball in hand at that point? The kick was a touch too strong...
The Wallabies line out  was mostly OK 
( I reckon we need to take half a step further from the opposition on our own throws). 
One thing we've fixed from earlier in the season is we go the right way in attack now, a few phases one way or one short side and then back the other way instead of one each side which builds no pressure (sorry to the uninitiated for the jargon). 
When the runner is tackled and the players are drawn into a pile (ruck) often if you go either left or right a few times you draw extra defenders and open up a little space, only switching to go back the other way, if you see space in front of you or easy metres! 
Going one left and then right and back left again doesn't build pressure. 

Our set up from most scrums, line outs or first phase ball from a ruck was well constructed with options available to the passers, see my photos for the three forwards and 5/8th positioning repeated at each of those happenings in the game... 
Early we also ran the blind side with fewer but not zero box kicks 
(those high kicks to gain ground and pressure the catcher which are low gain options in my view). 
Some good play ahead of half time saw the Wallabies trying their different angles and options. 
39th minute push and shove was good to see a bit of fire, poor old Sanchez hitting Tupou in the face... could have been ugly! 
 From the Penalty, line out and maul driven back, we se a rushed but enterprising back line move, unfortunately the ball goes forward to Korebete when he scores a hoped for try.
Korebete was too wide, great loop ball for Hodge at 5/8th to create the move at first...
That's 2 tries we needed!
Ruck balls on the Agentina line yield a penalty for hanging onto the ball and although the Pumas object they were not technical enough, three penalties, warning! 
Great example where old fashion boot rucking would soon sort the player on the ground...
9-6 Wallabies half time...

This is reasonable line out spacing but half a step further would help

See the three (in this case 4) players and the half has picked out one to pass to 
launching attack from the ruck

They reach the defence and this time the 5/8th looped being to receive a pass
He then can link with the backline to his left
See Petaia and Korebete waiting
Petaia runs to create space, busts a tackle and is hard on attack off the platform of that set up
Here again are the three forwards waiting for the ball with 5/8th behind 
ready to attack from what follows
This time the closer runner and loose forward takes it in more open space
The runner meets the defensive line or passes before it 
but the others of the three are available to follow 
and not leave them isolated in the tackle
Here is that line of players set up again
Number 10 is ready to trail behind for pass or to support after the tackle
Wilson in the red headgear can run onto the tackled players pass 
to continue the play, potentially running between two forwards 
in from of him in good attacking position
Terrific Wallabies Scrum as Tupou drives his weight through 
just turning the Pumas in and disrupting their ball
Tupou this time not getting it right
The three ran it right and he looks and still passes to his right
The ball hits number 2 in the head
What he should have done there was run straight into the defence
Those outside players were available to back up, drive through
And to go that right side again next phase
Here's one of the deliberate uses of the 'short' or blindside
Sometimes they ran the short side from a  ruck
This time the line out ball is caught
Hooper waits like halfback
Second rower Simmons in the black headgear runs around right
He was always intended to get the ball
He takes on the defence on that right side making good metres
Simmons runs into a little gap and makes more metres
Here was our next best try opportunity
Hodge the 5/8th or number 10 loops behind to receive the ball
Two passes further on and Korebete was standing too wide in that moment
A missed opportunity to score in what would be a 15 all draw!

Second Half coming soon!

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Advent Resources - THREE Songs, Video, Creativity, Public Engagement

    This week, for the Uniting Church NSW/ACT and beyond into the ether, Mark Pierson will repeat a brilliant Advent Workshop for resourcing and ideas in this year! I share Mark's philosophy there's few original ideas (if there are they are usually over the top) but steal, beg, borrow and give credit will serve you well! I have posted two sets of Pictures, skirting what Mark will present and likewise here are some Advent/Christmas Ideas additional to what mark will point towards... I am working on one of his ideas shared, for 2020! Making flat board nativity figures painted on timber which will be placed in our Church Building front Garden (a little more stylised than the example) but the hope is they are clearly identifiable as a nativity, yet with room to imagine and to engage in conversation around the story and its meaning! A couple of us get to be in dialogue as part of the Workshop, so I am doing all this to prepare and be able to point to...

When it comes to COVID-19 I reckon we can all start with a decent list of ideas and adapt modify and ignore as needed...

Video Songs
1. “O Holy Night” Patti Smith here
2. Local Newcastle Musicians 2015 Youtube Advent Calendar 

“#1 - DEANNA, MILLI & JASMINE - Silent Night” here  
Includes “Carol of the Birds” Thomas Keily here 
3. “How to Make Gravy” Paul Kelly various youtube versions or mp3
4. “White Wine in the Sun” Tim Minchin various youtube versions or mp3
5. “Christmas Must Be Tonight” Paul Kelly cover various youtube versions or mp3

Video Story
1. “Real Christmas” here 
2. St Paul’s Auckland Arts & Media
“766 Christmases” here 
“O Little Town of Bethlehem” here 
And the series of St Paul’s Videos with kids
3. Advent Conspiracy
The Perfect Gift – 2017 here 

Visuals, Creativity and Public Engagement
1. Carols Flashmob at local shopping centre or public space
2. Collect Toys and Distribute collaborating with local services/agencies/foodbanks etc
3. Reverse Christmas Tree for food bank or other local charity, transfer to free pantry
4. Video Vox Pop ‘what Christmas Means to You’ on loop for use when open or at special Advent
5. Christmas Tree Display (Hamilton Uniting Church)
Each tree decorated by a local business or community organisation. 
A fundraiser for advertised causes, with launch event and visitor opening hours plus live music
6. Corflute Nativity, traced from data projection images
7. Si Smith Advent b&w images/booklet/walk through rear projected on large cloth screens
8. Advent Photo Challenges, picture a day, displayed in digital world or on walls
9. Southern Hemisphere Advent Wreath/Symbol – Water Jars & Food Colouring with appropriate words
10. Choose Southern Hemisphere Colours for Advent and work with landscape, water, light
11. Stations across 4 weeks leading to Christmas Eve, open to the public
12. Leunig Cartoons offer an aussie and global quirky look
13. Clothes rack of pegged Images for Advent, an installation 
14. PVC Pipe Nativity (painted floor larger than life figures) with one figure added each week
15. Alternativity Music Playlists on loop
16. Storybooks: “The Nativity” Julie Vivas; “The Fourth Wise Man” Susan Summers et al
17. "Tender: Stories That Lean Into Kindness"Julie Perrin’s stories re Carols, Christmas Lunch
18. Box of Pebbles with clipart painted on with acrylic, free play or help children work out the story

Culture, Context
Carols Choirs, Greetings and Visuals various languages, contextualise stories, e.g. Indigenous Christmas Yarns, Use images from around the world, Readings in peoples first languages,
Christmas around the world vox pop or pictures and invite different voices into planning, go all age

Handout available from Google Docs here

Advent Resources - TWO "Some More Pictures"

Indigenous Art interpretations

Lego Nativity and Stop Go Animations

All Age Christmas Eve News Photos from the Year

Prayers of Hope written on coloured paper strips, added to the straw

Radicalise the story as it was meant to be

Miscellaneous contextual Nativity Scenes

Contemporary Mary's Song

More Contemporary takes

The Exhaustion

The Wall

Advent Waiting used in publicity for gathered worship

Add cloth for each weekly theme + change the lightbox

Bush Shelter Birth

Tree reflecting Sydney Bushfires

Coloured Balloons had been kept since Pentecost Prayers + Added colour paper hopes

Illustrated Children's ministry and others do giant colouring

Craft a symbol 'station'

Banksy at it again

Upside Down nativity narrated as these volunteers were costumed for a 'selfie'
It worked brilliantly, unexpectedly

All age colouring "station"

Greg Janknegt's terrific art, this a triptych 

Rouchel Farm Shed used to promote Advent and Carols Events, Aussie Nativity

More of that Image as Promo stuff